Sursum Corda

Sursum Corda is our teen catechism and youth group. Sacred Heart offers elementary, middle and high school age classes at various times. We also offer Adult RCIA classes.

Religious Education

Sursum Corda Programs

At Sacred Heart, we believe in the power of a complete understanding of your faith. We also believe in the importance of grooming your children early in the Catholic Faith as it will help them grow up into great Catholics in the future!

Updates for the remainder of July

July 23 – MOVIE NIGHT! 
Father and Ms. Jen will both be away this Friday. Mr. Holthe and Ms. Ross will be hosting a movie night…of course there will be popcorn!
Our fundraisers were successful and we were able to raise enough money to cover the student’s rafting tickets. Thank you all for your support with the magnets, talent show, and bake sale! We also had a very generous donor step up to cover the remaining cost of a charter bus for our ride.
The bus will be leaving at 8:00 AM on July 31st. Please drop your students off by 7:45 AM. I will be at the church by 7:15 AM for anyone who needs to come early. DO NOT COME LATE, WE WILL BE LEAVING ON TIME. We should arrive back at the church around 11:00 PM. I will send a text update when we are leaving the rafting trip.
If you are coming on the rafting trip you will need to fill out the attached waiver form. Please bring it with you to the movie night or have your parent email it to Ms. Jen. ( I need these filled out for every participant so if your parents signed up to chaperone they will need their own form signed. You will also see a “What to Bring” doc attached from Blue Herron Whitewater. Be sure to read this carefully.
Meals for the trip – Please pack a lunchbag with a sandwich and snack. This will be for the trip home and will help us to get back before it gets too late. We will stop at a fast food restaurant on the way there for lunch. Please give your child cash for lunch. I will pack coolers of bottled water for the bus ride. If you have any questions feel free to email me.
Thank you again for all your support organizing and funding the trip. It will definitely be fun and memorable!