Sursum Corda

Sacred Heart offers elementary, middle and high school age classes at various times. We also offer Adult RCIA classes.

Religious Education

Sursum Corda Programs

At Sacred Heart, we believe in the power of a complete understanding of your faith. We also believe in the importance of grooming your children early in the Catholic Faith as it will help them grow up into great Catholics in the future!

Important Updates:

Homework Assignment:

Choose a song that you feel expresses who you are, your identity, a song that makes you feel like it was written for you. Please make sure to choose a song that does not have any explicit lyrics or content in it. E-mail your song choice to me ( by Friday at noon. Because we have such a large group I’m only going to play about 30 seconds of each song, so if you don’t want the first 30 seconds played then make sure you include in your email the time stamp of the song so I can play the part that you like. We are going to play a game with this so don’t tell your friends or siblings which song you choose!