Sursum Corda

Sursum Corda is our teen catechism and youth group. Sacred Heart offers elementary, middle and high school age classes at various times. We also offer Adult RCIA classes.

Religious Education

Sursum Corda Programs

At Sacred Heart, we believe in the power of a complete understanding of your faith. We also believe in the importance of grooming your children early in the Catholic Faith as it will help them grow up into great Catholics in the future!


Beginning September 10 we will be having our regularly scheduled Sursum Corda classes beginning at 6:30 in the hall every Friday night.

Please don’t forget to sign up to bring snacks using the link in the resource box below. 

Confirmation Mass: November 20th at 10:30 AM.
 Bishop Luis Rafael will be visiting our parish on to administer the Sacrament to our Confirmandi.
There will be a reception to follow in the Parish Hall.  All families and students are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Yam Jam: October 23rd.
The youth (and all families are invited!) will be gleaning sweet potatoes for the Society of St. Andrew to help feed the poor. Typically we pick from 8:00-12:30. Details of the field we will be meeting at will be shared as I get them. Usually we all go to McDonalds afterwards for lunch! 
 Click here for specific details for the Yam Jam field and parking. Please read carefully.
 All Saints/All Souls Celebration: October 29th at our regularly scheduled 6:30 class
All families are welcome to stay for this celebration. We will be building an ofrenda and everyone is asked to bring in at least one picture of a deceased loved one to place on the altar. This will be a pot luck dinner so everyone can use the snack signup below to comment on what they will bring. We will aslo have a pumpkin decorating contest. All students are encouraged to bring in one pumpkin (carved, painted, etc.) and the top 3 will receive a prize! I will have other games set up for the evening as well.
Corn Maze: November 6th. Tart’s Corn Maze, Dunn.
Since it is a First Saturday, we will meet at the church for Mass at 9:00 AM. We will then head to the corn maze after having a snack. Students are asked to bring a packed lunch. (I will provide a cooler for their food.) The admission is $12 per student and families and siblings are welcome to join us to receive the group discount. This includes the maze and all of the extra activities on the farm. Students are welcome to bring extra cash to purchase a treat from their general store. This will be a fun day!


Sursum Corda’s calender for the 2021-2022 year can be found here:
If you would like to sign up to bring snacks for future meetings, please use this link:
To register your child, please fill out the below registration form and bring it with you on Friday with your $30 registration fee.